Ann Arbor Professional Headshot Photography

Specializing in Professional Portraits and  Headshots for Business, Actors, Musicians and Students. For Social Media, Website, Audition, Publicity. Creative images are also produced for Personal Branding and Online Dating

Four Simple Steps

  • Understand your goals for headshots
  • Try various looks (clothes, poses, expression)
  • Review images on computer
  • Select and refine looks (re-shoot as needed)

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  • This is not a factory. I’m invested in every session, and passionate about making your images unique and effective.
  • You will feel unhurried, free to experiment, to express yourself, to create a headshot that’s distinctly your own. 
  • You and I will collaborate to use color, light, and expression to portray the best version of yourself. Multiple photos are taken!


All packages include: (A) Professionally Retouched photos with Permission for Re Use. (B) Multiple photos taken to get the right look!

Budget -- mini session for 1 look / images, $145

Standard -- 1 hour session, 2 looks / images, $200

Popular -- 1.5 hour premium session, editorial style, multiple looks/ 4 images, $295

Portfolio Session. Studio + Outdoor - up to 2.5 hour Advanced Session with guidance, editorial + personal branding, multiple looks/ 8 images, $495

Group and Corporate Headshot Sessions
for Your Company and Office
- please contact for details. Corporate photography services include flexibility of photographing staff onsite, in your office. Most conference room spaces are sufficient to setup a portable studio.


Hair & Makeup:

Strongly recommended, especially for women. Please arrive with your hair and makeup already done, and supplies for touch-ups. If you need to hire a makeup artist, referrals are available.


Although heashots focus more on the face, clothes matter. Bring all viable options in your wardrobe. More clothes offer more flexibility. Ensure that clothes fit well and consistent with the look you are going for. 

More about Headshots and Portraits

Effective Business Headshots

Business is getting personal. Your clients and employers are looking for trustworthy, approachable, professional individual. Your business headshot will give an immediate first impression of you!

You invest in clothes to look good in front of few people in person. Why not invest in a professional headshot to look good in front of thousands of people online?

Right images elevate your online presence, help you to connect with the right people, and polish your personal brand.

From New Hires to Executive Leaders in Business, Consulting, Realtors, Lawyers, Manufacturing, Technology, Finance and others... We all need an effective headshot to best represent us!

Click to see Portfolio. Please contact me to plan and schedule your session!

Musician Theater Actor Headshots

This is not a factory. I am invested in every session, and passionate about making your images unique, personal, and expressive.

In our collaborative headshot process, you will feel unhurried, free to experiment, to express yourself, to create a headshot that’s distinctly your own. Your photos should intrigue the viewer and evoke both your own character and the characters you are interested in portraying.

We will use color, light, and expression to distinguish your actor headshot from a stack of images in a casting office, or from a gallery of online thumbnails.

Music Headshot and Performance portraits are creatively produced with options for Music Album Art, Album Cover portrait, Performance Posters, Live Performance portraits.

Theater and Actor Headshots can be done in studio style, cinematic style and formatted for prints and digital distribution for agents and talent agencies.

Please contact me to plan and schedule your session!

Personal Branding Photography and Creative Professional Portraits

Simply said -- headshot is the face behind your business; personal branding is the story behind your business.

Business is getting personal. A strong personal brand is built on authenticity and storytelling. Your personal branding portraits will highlight your individuality and tell your story - the way you want it to be told. It creates an effective visual identify that your dream client can connect with.

Right images elevate your online presence, help you to connect with the right people, and give your brand the polished and professional feel that truly reflects the service or product you deliver.

Service includes -

  • Discuss the branding and business personality you wish to project. Offer creative suggestions.
  • Plan and conduct Guided Photo Session for best looks
  • Suggest attire and locations - to amplify the image you are going for
  • Retouch photos with advanced editing and color grading

Click to see Portfolio. Please contact me to plan and schedule your session!

Online Dating Photography and Portraits

Online Dating Photography Sessions create a series of natural looking photos that showcase your personality and physique in different wardrobes and poses - emphasizing your genuine warmth and approachability!

These portraits can be used for other purposes outside of online dating scene - including gifting to parents, friends, and relatives. Traditional headshot may not be ideal for online internet dating profiles.

Please contact me to plan and schedule your session.

Service includes - 

  • Guided Photo Session for your best looks
  • Suggestions for attire and locations - suitable for the look you are going for
  • Natural-look retouching of photos with advanced editing
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