Ann Arbor Professional Headshot Photography

Specializing in Professional Portraits and  Headshots for Business, Actors, Musicians, Students for Audition, Publicity, Social Media 

Four Simple Steps

  • Understand your goals for headshots
  • Try various looks (clothes, poses, expression)
  • Review images on computer
  • Select and refine looks (re-shoot as needed)

Schedule My Session

Please contact us to schedule your session


  • This is not a factory. I’m invested in every session, and passionate about making your images unique and effective.
  • You will feel unhurried, free to experiment, to express yourself, to create a headshot that’s distinctly your own. 
  • You and I will collaborate to use color, light, and expression to portray the best version of yourself. Multiple photos are taken!


All packages include: (1) Professionally Retouched photos with Permission for Re Use. (2) Multiple photos taken to get the right look! 

Budget -- mini session for 1 look / images, $145 

Standard -- 1 hour session, 2 looks / images, $200

Complete -- 1.5 hour premium session, editorial style, multiple looks/ 4 images, $295

Studio + Outdoor session -- 2.5 hour premium session, editorial + personality, multiple looks/ 12 images, $450


Hair & Makeup:

Strongly recommended, especially for women. Please arrive with your hair and makeup already done, and supplies for touch-ups. If you need to hire a makeup artist, referrals are available.


Although heashots focus more on the face, clothes matter. Bring all viable options in your wardrobe. More clothes offer more flexibility. Ensure that clothes fit well and consistent with the look you are going for. 

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